Frequently Asked Question

Our Fair-Use Policy

All pictures and images on can be downloaded and used under our fair-use policy.

You can share and use them without any restrictions or licensing requirements.

But please understand that commercial use of our images is prohibited.

If you use an image from to create a product, which you want to sell for a profit, then that is commercial use.

If you put an image on a t-shirt and sell this t-shirt on Ebay, then that is commercial use.

In very simple terms: If you plan on making money with our images, then we will take action against the commercial utilization of them.

You are totally free to use our images in a PPT for your work in a school or in any corporate setting. You can as well use our images to create new artwork or just share images on social media.

No, you don’t need to license any of the openly available pictures and images.

We don’t have any licensing system in place. We plan on having high-def images available in a member area.

However, all openly available images fall under our fair-use policy.

We, the creators of, are the legal owners and copyright holders of all images and pictures hosted on this website.

We strongly believe in our own work, why we don’t have any work from third parties or outside sources. All images and pictures on this website are 100% unique and solely uploaded on

To reuse and reupload images from creators on other platforms is not only a copyright infringement (with clear intention to monetize the uploaded pictures), moreover it really hurts the creators who want to share and provide high quality content under a fair-use policy.

We can provide content, if our content stays unique to this website.

We can’t provide content, if our work is distributed on different commercial platforms, so that a third party can take advantage of our images.

Yes, absolutely.

We want to help you create unique and beautiful work without the hassle of modern stock photo paywalls, with insane price tags for regular, normal users.

You will never find a paywall for access to the HD version without watermarks for an image on

Yes, you can change and alter our images.

We would love to see your artwork in which you used our content as a foundation.

Maybe you can drop us a message via contact form and provide a link to your work.

No, you can’t be made liable from us if you use our images on other platforms in a non-commercial way.

If you plan on making money with our images on other platforms, e.g. using our images to sell your content, then you can be made liable.

If you just want to share content with your followers on Twitter or just share interesting images from us on other websites, then you are free to do so.

There are no special requirements, if you want to use our pictures in a non-commercial way.

We highly appreciate references to our website when you share and use our content.

No, we don’t endorse any products/labels/brands which happen to be on our images.

We try to avoid making content with visible product/logo/brand labels, which could lead to a false conclusion, that we endorse and have a connection to any third parties.

We have no intention to promote or criticize any brand, product or company.

Our content is dedicated to the beauty of our world. Beauty in the small things of our lives, in the products we use.

Special Requests

If you want to contribute to our database, please send us a message via contact form or open a new topic in the forum. We would love to let users upload their images and PNG files.

However, there are certain issues related to these types of features. The main problem for us is the copyright question. We don’t have any solution for certifying, that uploaded images from third parties are not connected to other websites, services, products etc. That puts us in a questionable position, openly available files on HexPicture could be copied from other websites or certain files are already in use under other circumstances.

We want to ensure, that HexPicture is a safe place to download and share stock images.

We’re planning on having a special member’s area, where users can download special requested PNG versions of certain files.

The member area will have additional features to download the full-size JPEG and PNG files of all images, which are normally around 10-20 MB big.